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"Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world" - Henry Kissinger

and yet...

"Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences" – Robert Louis Stevenson

Janan Ganesh says politicians view themselves as 'products' - he's right

In response to an FT article by Janan Ganesh on 27th August 2015, entitled 'In Britain community is a foreign language'

"Our politicians struggle to talk about the individual, because they have bought the idea that they are a 'product' that must be 'sold' to the 'public'...which means a critical mass of people voting for them...which means more than the next 'product'"

Part of Mr Corbyn's rise in the UK, ditto Mr Trump in the US, is that people on both sides of the pond are fed up with the long line of brightly coloured (or not) 'consumer goods' that strut about posing as people with something real to say about the challenges they face in daily life and the way they 'feel' about that.

What many people are responding to with these folks is their perceived authenticity. Personally I think Mr Corbyn is genuine, Mr Trump on the other hand is another 'product', albeit one of his own design, and a dangerous one at that.

I don't think it really matters much which one of the three empty suits the Labour Party votes for. They are designed to fit everyone and upset no-one...except...the other side...which at the moment includes Mr Corbyn.

Mr Corbyn and Mr Trump are offering 'mainstream' politicians a gift if they could see it - get real. Alas, if any of these 'consumer products' do get real, it will likely be just another piece of marketing.

An interesting piece Mr Ganesh, thank you.

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