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"Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world" - Henry Kissinger

and yet...

"Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences" – Robert Louis Stevenson

Justice is not for sale – Justice has already been sold

In response to an FT article by Jacob Weisberg on 10th June 2016, entitled ‘For Trump even American justice is for sale’

“A second national premise Mr. Trump violated is respect for the rule of law. Politicians stray into treacherous territory when they insult the courts. To attribute legal outcomes one dislikes to political bias — or, as Mr. Trump asserted, personal animus and corruption — corrodes trust in the judicial system. For him to make this kind of charge in a case that threatens him financially demonstrates the way in which he thinks American justice is for sale”

Donald Trump is a ruthless man who will attack anyone who gets in his way. In the colloquial...he is full of it…AND:

American justice isn't 'up for sale'.  American justice has already been sold. It has been bought and paid for by the primary dealer banks on Wall Street. In this process they've been aided and abetted by their lackeys on Capitol Hill who get elected and re-elected with their 'contributions', provided they play ball...and a media that will live to regret its complicity with this process.

Justice has been 'bought' by people far more powerful than Donald Trump. Far more powerful it seems, than anyone running for president or anyone sitting in the Oval office for the past three decades. You appear to have a short memory and a pair of blinkers Mr Weisberg. I'll remind you:

In the early 'noughties' the Primary dealer banks packaged up mortgage junk and sold it as triple A; they manipulated the rating agencies into looking the other way whilst they did so; when it started to unravel they re-packaged the 'best junk' and sold it to their clients with one hand, whilst they shorted it with the other...and finally when it all came tumbling down...the Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, ex-CEO of Goldman Sachs, went to Congress to beg for a bail out. He got one, and so did they.

Since then the banks have re-written Dodd Frank to put the taxpayer back on the hook for derivatives, carried on rigging the markets, continued to 'persuade' the media to give them a free pass...and once in blue moon...they throw a 'pleb' to the wolves to appear like they give two shakes of a monkey's tale about 'American justice'. They don't. They care about their own position at the apex of the Ponzi scheme; they care about their own survival. A 'survival' which is protected by people in Washington, who know full well, that if Wall Street goes down, they will take a lot of Washington down with them. It's a 'high class' protection racket Mr Weisberg, and the people who run it are no better than the mob.

And you wonder why people are attracted to figures from the right and the left who attack the status quo? You wonder why people are not persuaded by the attacks on Trump? I'll tell you why: 

Because when those people see Trump being attacked by establishment figures shilling for Hillary Clinton...who shills for Wall reinforces his points, not yours. Politicians and journalists who don't acknowledge this are either not paying attention, are dedicated to being terminally stupid, or are complicit.

Yes, Trump is a blowhard...he is most definitely 'full of it'. On the other hand Mr. Weisberg, so are you. The difference is, you put a ribbon around your BS and call it chocolate.

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