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"Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world" - Henry Kissinger

and yet...

"Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences" – Robert Louis Stevenson

Ed Luce - never mind the rancid, feel the indignity

In response to an FT article by Ed Luce on 18th July 2016, entitled ‘Trump leads the west’s flight from dignity’

“Mr. Trump has corroded faith that rules-based societies are self-sustaining. This time it really could be different. The real estate mogul has never encountered a setback where he did not head straight to the nearest court to overturn it. Does anyone believe a defeated Mr. Trump would call Hillary Clinton on November 8 to wish her luck? It is easy to forget that democracy is based on adversaries’ respect for the integrity of the system. Mutual trust, not law, is democracy’s strongest glue. Belief in human dignity is what underpins it.

At his nomination in Cleveland this week, Mr. Trump will present his opponent as a crook, his critics as losers, his business record as unparalleled, and his invented facts as the gospel. At least 40 per cent of Americans will still vote for him in November. Democracy’s enemies and friends alike may ask: “How many Trumps can the system take?” 

His ‘invented facts’ and his labeling of his critics are crass - more egregious than the usual garbage that politicians serve up. His business record is ‘mixed’ at best, and that’s before considering the bribes and double-dealing.

But on Hillary Clinton…he is right…she is a crook. A liar and a crook. 

So Mr. Luce - your constant attacks on Trump would have a lot more credence if you would:

a) Tell the truth about the cesspit that our political and monetary system has become

b) Hold Hillary Clinton’s feet to the fire also

c) Suggest some reforms to address a system that is corrupt - corruption which goes a long way to explain the environment that has been ripe for the rise of Donald Trump

Let me ask you a different question Mr. Luce - how many Hillary Clintons can the system take? Clearly ‘the system’ loves Hillary Clinton. Why? Because the people who benefit most from the status quo will not have to change one single thing; will not have to be one iota more honest; will not have to clean up their act in the slightest manner as a result of Hillary Clinton sitting in the Oval Office. She will do absolutely nothing to reform any of the following symptoms of political ‘rot’:

1. The Congressional system of professional politicians who spend most of their time running for office, sucking up to Wall Street and kissing the backsides of K Street. HC will not go anywhere near term limits or campaign finance reform

2. Corrupt Wall Street Banks, who have paid over $30 billion in ‘fines’ in lieu of going to jail. Banks that fund political campaigns, make donations to ‘charitable foundations’ and organise highly lucrative ‘speaking opportunities’, in exchange for which they get to write their own banking legislation. Mrs. Clinton, along with the rest of her family, does quite nicely out of this – she will do nothing on the banks

3. Senior officers at the Pentagon who retire from commissioning military equipment and move straight to the C suites of the firms who make it – something Eisenhower warned about in 1960. After 55 years of ignoring a guy who understood warfare from the you really think Hillary Clinton, who never met a war she didn’t like, will be the president with the guts to lift one finger to address this?

4. The revolving doors that exist between the New York Fed and the casinos on Wall Street. The ‘jobs for the boys’ regime that exists from the ground floor, and stretches right to the top. Will she address this?

5. The cartel of Goldman ‘executives’ who litter the Fed, the Treasury, and the ECB – using government as vehicles for plenipotentiary posts. Anything on this? Will she bite the hand that feeds her $250,000 per 'speech'?

6. The rating agencies that give out scores that please the banks, because if Moody’s refuse to play ball…Fitch is just down the street. Do you think she’ll do anything on the 'independence' and integrity of ratings agencies?

I don’t want Donald Trump in the White House, Mr Luce.  I do want the ‘dignity’ and the ‘trust’ you talk about. But dignity and trust come from playing an honest game; from having a level playing field; from upholding the rule of law and applying it equally to all. Do you really think that is on offer from Hillary Clinton? Don’t make me laugh.

Glimmer of responsibility...or a fob to the mob?

And in other news – Saturday 16th July 2016