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"Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world" - Henry Kissinger

and yet...

"Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences" – Robert Louis Stevenson

War Crimes

I have written about ‘consequences’ many times here. There are ALWAYS consequences for any action: some immediate, some longer term, some quite predictable, and some unforeseen. This is obvious to any thinking person; though I would have to add that thinking is not common. Following the herd blindly is far more common. And it is this which allows tyranny to go unchallenged, sometimes for an unfeasibly long period of time. We are approaching the ‘end game’ of one of these periods…in my opinion.

There is a ‘class’ of people, for want of a better word, who though they are perfectly aware that consequences are inevitable…are confident enough, I would say arrogant enough, to believe that they can somehow lie, cheat, swindle, murder and maim with impunity…without any of the resulting pain landing back at source. I.E. They think they can get away with it…indefinitely.

I think they’re wrong.

At the moment the British Government is literally up to its neck in war crimes. This isn’t being written about in the newspapers, and isn’t a publicly aired conversation amongst even the most strident of the government’s mainstream critics. Why not? Well if they’re guilty of war crimes, and we’re not doing anything about it…that makes us guilty too. That’s one reason. Another is that the majority are in the trance I spoke about above. Another is that a lot of people in banks, in arms companies, and in the media…are doing very nicely with things just the way they are…thank you very much.

None of that changes a damn thing - we are guilty of war crimes. Schoolchildren in Yemen are being blown to bits by weapons supplied to Saudi Arabia - by us. We stand by every day whilst the Israeli occupation force in Palestine evicts the indigenous Arab population from their land, in the most brutal fashion. We’ve been funding Al-Qaeda in Syria. These are war crimes. If anyone else were doing them…other than the people under the protection of the US…you wouldn’t hear ANYTHING else on your TV set or in your newspaper.

What I am saying has a firm basis in international law, which, were it to be implemented, would put our government behind bars. What follows are three of the Nuremberg Principles that were produced at the end of WW2. Specifically, Principle Six, parts A, B, & C. Please read these and consider what you think the consequences should be for the British Government….bearing in mind that…at the moment…the immediate consequences fall on the people of Yemen, Palestine and Syria.

nuremberg-principles-6A against peace638.jpg
nuremberg-principles-6B Warcrimes-638.jpg
nuremberg-principles-crimes against humanity 6C-638.jpg

In the longer term, there will be consequences for us in Britain and the west…unless you think that maybe this time, ‘for a limited period only folks’, the universe is handing out a free lunch. There are already consequences to the fabric of our society…to the ether if you will…to the group mind…

Look around you…increasingly stuff that used to be totally unacceptable, is now ‘rationalised’ and/or ‘explained’…slowly ‘normalised’. I even heard some idiot the other day arguing that pedophilia is a ‘sexual preference’. No. It’s a f*****g crime. You can ‘prefer’ what the hell you like sunshine, if you lay a finger on my grandson, you will go to jail via A & E. That’s what you get for wrecking a child’s trust in other human beings for the rest of his life.

What it really boils down to is this: It’s a matter of personal ethics, of conscience, of who we want to be. I look at what we’re doing to Yemen, to Palestine, to Syria, to the world…and I ask myself…is this acceptable?

No it’s not.

I want my government brought to justice.

So you think you're special?

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